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Pictures speak louder than words – and videos are the best to capture the mood. So please see look at our photos and videos. On one of the videos, you can even watch a spontaneous German-Burmese music performance. Enjoy it!

September 2019

Our local partner, Naymyo Ko, sent us these photos of the everyday life of our orphans in late summer. He shows us how the children prepare for their way to school in the morning, how they arrive at school, scenes from lunch together and two pictures of milking cows. The animals are „sacred“ to the children, they are not allowed to be slaughtered and are only kept as dairy cows.

Preparation for school

Arrival at school

Eating together

Milk cows

January 2019

In Myanmar it is common for people to make a gift once a year. The son Ant Minn Ko of our local partner family – Naymyo Ko and his wife Khine Hsu Wai – had come up with a special kind of „donation“: On his twelfth birthday, he wished to surprise the orphans and neighbours with a delicious meal. This took place on Saturday, January 19 of this year. We have put together some pictures for you here.

Once again it was very moving to see the 15 boys and seven girls „thrive“ over the years in the house Team-for-Childeren. Everything is well organized: Food, school, free time, taking responsibility – e.g. for the cows, which, by the way, must not be given away or even slaughtered for the children’s sake. The milk that is not consumed goes to the nearby market.

Our visit in november: Fröhliche Ballspiele, Süßigkeiten, eine weitere Kuh und eine blau-gelbe Überraschung

Our visit in March: sweets, school books and pencils, painting and handicrafts – a cow with a calf and tree-planting


Happy children, good food, first harvest of own vegetables and a German-Burmese music performance with Ukulele (Video)

Planting of a vegetable garden, good progress in planning preschool and school activities

Touching opening ceremony of our orphanage on 15th July 2012, enjoyable eating together

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